100+ Watercolor Cocktail Graphics

  • $18.75


- Immediate download.
- Over 100+ watercolor cocktail graphics in PNG format, 300dpi, transparent background.
- You will not receive a physical item
- Please note that these graphics are edited with Adobe PS.
- Includes the following drinks: 

Amaretto Sour
Aperol Spritz
Apple Martini
Basil Gimlet
Bellini, Raspberry
Blood Orange
Bloody Mary
Blue Martini
Champagne + Rosemary Spritz
Cinnamon Apple Punch
Citrus Spritzer
Coffee Old Fashioned
Chocolate Martini
Cosmopolitan x2
Cucumber Gimlet
Cucumber Margarita
Cucumber Mint Spritz
Dark + Stormy
Dirty Martini
Eggnog w/ Cinnamon Sticks
Eggnog w/ Cinnamon Rim
Electric Lemonade
Espresso Martini
Fig Martini
French Daiquiri
Gin Daisy
Gin + Tonic/Club
Gin + Tonic/Club w/ Lemon
Gin + Tonic/Club w/ Orange
Grape / Berry Martini
Irish Iced Coffee
Jalapeno + Pineapple Margarita
Lemon Drop Martini
Lemon Spritzer
Lime Martini
Limoncello Spritz
Long Island
Mai Tai
Mandarin Martini
Margarita w/ Salt
Margarita (Martini Glass) w/ Salt
Mojito w/ Lemon + Lime
Moscow Mule
Old Fashioned
Orange Crush
Pineapple Mojito
Paloma w/ Rosemary
Paloma w/ Strawberry
Peach Spritzer
Raspberry Mojito
Raspberry + Cranberry Sangria
Rum / Whiskey + Coke
Salty Dog
Strawberry Basil
Strawberry Margarita
Strawberry + Lemon Mojito
Strawberry Mojito w/ Strawberry Garnish
Spicy Jalapeno Margarita w/ Spicy Salt
Spicy Watermelon Margarita w/ Spicy Salt
Strawberry Daiquiri
Sweet Tea Vodka
Tequila Sunrise
Tom Collins
Veneziano Spritz
Vodka Martini w/ Lime Garnish
Vodka Tonic/Club
Vodka + Tonic/Club w/ Lemon
Vodka + Tonic/Club w/ Lime
Vodka + Tonic/Club w/ Orange
Washington Apple
Watermelon Margarita w/ Watermelon Garnish
Watermelon Martini
Whiskey on Rocks
Whiskey on Rocks w/ Lime
White Russian
Whiskey Sour

Pint, Light Beer
Mug, Lager
Tall, Light Beer x2
Tall, Lager
Tall, Red Lager

Bud Light
Miller Light


License Information for Small Businesses

- This clip art comes with a 'personal use' (no credit required) and a 'small business' (credit required) license.
- To use any images from this set commercially, graphic credit should be given to Unpaperly and should be placed on the same page as the product that being sold or displayed.
- Graphic credit should be displayed as such: "Graphic by Unpaperly.com"
- Please note that the Small Business License (included with purchase) allows maximum 100 of sold items.
- You may not re-sell images as is.

License Information for Commercial Businesses (100+ items)

- If you are planning to sell more than 100 items which incorporate graphics from this the set or don't want to give graphic credit to Unpaperly, then you should additionally purchase the Limited Commercial License for these graphics.

How It Works:

1) Purchase your graphics.
2) Receive a link from Etsy directly to your email.
3) Follow the link to download your PNG(s).
4) Enjoy!

Due to the digital nature of this product we are unable to offer any refunds. Please get in touch prior to making a purchase with any questions you might have.