550 Digital Stickers, Shapes & Icons

  • $6.00

500+ PreCropped Digital Stickers neatly organized in a sticker book, made specifically for Good Notes.

What's Included:

→ 1 Good Notes Sticker Book, complete with stickers already organized
→ 7 Colors of Banners, Circles, Rectangle & Rounded Rectangles
→ 7 Colors of Icons
→ Appointment Banners
→ Sticky Notes
→ Months
→ Reminders
→ Banners
→ Arrows


→ All stickers are included in a GoodNotes file to minimize the planner file size and for easy placement of stickers.

→ Stickers are placed in the GoodNotes file as separate PNG files, so they can easily be copied and pasted with a transparent background (no cropping needed)

NOTE: The Sticker Book GoodNotes file only functions in GoodNotes! If you are planning to use this planner in another PDF markup app (e.g. Notability, Xodo), I've included a .zip file with PNG files of each sticker that can be individually inserted into your planner. If you are using the GoodNotes file, the PNG .zip file will be of no use to you and may be discarded.

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NOTE: This item is a Digital Download. You will not receive an item in the mail, but will have access to an instant download.