• What is Digital Planning?
A digital planner is meant to imitate the experience of a paper planner, except you are writing on an iPad or other type of tablet.
  • What Notes app is best?

GoodNotes 5 is available on the iOS platform for phone, iPad, and Mac desktops/laptops. It is suggested to edit on iPad or Mac as a phone screen may be too small to easily navigate.

  • How do I download my product after purchasing?

You will receive a PDF file. Follow the link in this file; it will take you to a Google Drive screen. Download the files from here directly onto your PC or tablet.

  • Are the digital planning items made only for Good Notes?

Absolutely not. Another popular notes app is Notability, though I have little experience with this particular app. For Android, Xodo is the app to use.

The main function that your notes app needs to have is the ability to annotate PDFs. If you’d like to use inserts, the app will also need the capability to insert images onto a PDF.



  • What is a digital / downloadable item? 

A downloadable/digital item is downloaded from Etsy and uploaded to a personal computer. No physical copy of the product will be shipped or mailed.

Once the final product has been received, it is up to the client to print the item and frame it however they please!

  • Can you edit a downloadable item?

If you are purchasing an item that is editable through Corjl, than YES! You can edit as many times as you like and the order never expires. There is also an Add On that you can purchase where I will do all of the editing for you - you confirm the edits and download from home!

If you are purchasing an item that does not mention Corjl, than no, it is unable to be edited. You will receive a PDF/JPEG as is.

  • How do I download my digital, non-editable product after purchasing?

You will receive a PDF file. Follow the link in this file; it will take you to a Google Drive screen. Download the files from here directly onto your PC or tablet.

  • What is Corjl?

Corjl is a web-based design program that allows you to access pre-made templates (designed by me) and edit them to fit your needs. All text, fonts, & colors are editable. Background colors are editable. You can upload images to add to your design as well. Corjl allows you to download the finished item directly to your computer and print from home, or send to a professional printer.

  • How do I access and use Corjl?

- After trying the demo and reading all of the product description, purchase the listing.

- After the listing has been purchased, you will receive an email from "orders@corjl.com". The email will be sent to the email address supplied. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, please check your junk folder.

- Once you have received the email form Corjl, click the link provided

- When you are satisfied with your progress, save your finalized template

- After your template is saved you will be able to download your template. There are multiple ways to download your template!

- When your template is downloaded, print it out using a personal printer or a professional print shop!

  • Color changes and/or resizing of digital items

I do not offer color changes or resizing to non custom items unless asked prior to purchasing. Pricing will be discussed.



  • Will you professionally print items if requested?

If you would like the items printed professionally and mailed to you, please use the Contact Us page, or start a chat! I will disclose to you the pricing to include printing and shipping. I will create a custom listing for you, as well.

Please check product descriptions to see if printing is already included. Thank you.

  • What is the turn-around time for professionally printed products?

You will receive a proof within 24-48 hours. Printed products will ship within 3-5 business days after the proof is approved by the customer.